1. How does the process work when we need a flight pre-authorized?

Air Ambulance Billing will need all information your flight intake department receives regarding the patient transfer. Once we have that, we’ll check benefits asking crucial, often overlooked, questions verifying coverage for an air ambulance transport. If insurance covers the medical transport, we move forward with pre-authorization of the flight. Our systematic approach ensures that every prospective flight is thoroughly explored for all insurance possibilities.

2. Can Air Ambulance Billing
  file a claim for our company if the flight has already been completed?

Yes, we can help bring in revenue on flights that have already happened. We’ll take a look at past flights to determine if there is any possibility of filing a claim. In some cases you may have up to 15 months to file an original claim.

3. What does Air Ambulance Billing charge for their services?

Every company’s billing needs are different and we work with you to help determine what services you need and reach an agreement on cost. The bottom line is, at Air Ambulance Billing we never get paid until you do! If we don’t do our job, we don’t get paid. It’s that simple.

4. We have some older claims that we just can’t get paid. Can Air Ambulance Billing help us?

Yes. We will audit every file you have, checking the likelihood of the insurance company making a payment. Sometimes negotiations are needed and we are experts at this process.

5. What sets Air Ambulance Billing apart from other billing companies?

We are the experts in fixed wing Air Ambulance transport billing! No other company specializes within the industry like we do. We offer many more unique services than other medical billing companies and all for zero money up front. We have the knowledge and the perseverance to get results on even the most complex claims.

6. I am an air ambulance Broker. Can Air Ambulance Billing help me?

Yes, we can. As a Broker, you have the right to provide services through select vendors and bill accordingly. We can assist you with proper contracts, NPI registration, setting your rates, and most importantly, taking your business to the next level.

7. The insurance company has deemed the transport “Not Medically Necessary.” Does this mean insurance will not cover it?

Not necessarily. The insurance companies are taking every action possible to deny the pre-authorization or claim. Remember, there are no legal consequences to denying legitimate services and insurance companies will take full advantage of this. When you use Air Ambulance Billing, you have a team of experts on your side who know how to handle these calculating companies and never back down. We familiarize ourselves with every argument for denial and find a way for you to get approved and paid.

8. The insurance company says they will not pay us. They want to pay the patient instead! Can they do that?

Can they do it? Yes. (It’s called “Anti-Assignment.”) Is it right? No. Air Ambulance Billing can help prevent this from happening in the future. We’ll show you what forms and terminology to include in your contracts to ensure the insurance companies pay you, not the patient.

9. Do you work with Medicare?

No, unfortunately we do not. In general they do not pay enough to cover your costs when dealing with an air ambulance transport. Legally you must provide emergency transport, but fixed wing air ambulance rarely falls into that category.

10. What insurance companies do you work with?

Blue Cross Blue Shield (Nationwide), United HealthCare, Aetna, Cigna, Humana, etc… Every insurance carrier is unique in their policies and procedures but rest assured Air Ambulance Billing is proficient in every single one.